Cardinal alleges of unrest after Easter attacks, by those keeping Pres Polls in mind

All secrets behind the Easter Sunday attacks including how it was planned to create unrest in the country after the tragedy and how those who tried to prevent the attack were stopped will be revealed soon, Archbishop of Colombo Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said today. 

Cardinal Ranjith in his sermon during the service held at Thewatte Basilica to mark the 1000th day since the Easter Sunday attacks, said no one will be able to prevent the truth from comming out.
“No one could stop God from revealing the truth. The investigations have revealed that certain forces were planning to create unrest after the attack. This was to be done with the Presidential elections in mind. It has also been revealed that some interested persons have delebestly neglected the information given by RAW. Some officers have tried to take action to stop the Easter Sunday attacks but have been prevented by others,” he said. 
“There were various incidents in the country for years and years. There were shootings, people were thrown into burning tyres. One wonders whether the rulers who were behind those think they will be tolerated every day. Those who ruled the nation for the past 74 years have pushed the country into a deep pit,” the Cardinal added. (Yohan Perera)

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