A case against Ven . Ganasara Thero was taken up today

A case against Ven . Ganasara Thero was taken up today ( 30/05/2022 ) at the Colombo Fort Magistrate’s Court.

Police informed the courts that the Hon . Attorney General has instructed them to frame charges against the suspect under section 291A of the Penal Code Many complaints were lodged against Ven . Ganassara Thero from 2013 on his ” Hate ” speeches against the Sri Lankan Muslims and their Islamic faith .

It is notable that Ven . Ganassara Thero is currently chairing the Special Committee of ” One Country one Law ” appointed by His Excellency the President , Gotabaya Rajapaksa . This case came up before the by Hon . Magistrate , Thilana Gamage . Ven . Ganassara Thero was represented by Attorney and SLPP MP , Premanath C. Dolawatte .

This case was prosecuted by the Kompapayaweediya Police and the Court has given time till 14/11/2022 for the prosecution to file charges accordingly . Another similar case against Ven . Ganasara Thero to be heard at the same court , on 13/06/2022 .

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