Shanakiyan Rasamanickam Writes to the Prime minister Full statement

Honorable Prime Minister,


At the back drop of your comments on my recent parliamentary speech, on the 20th May 2022, I felt that it is imperative to provide a clarity on my speech.

I am sure you would have observed, that I have never condoned, supported, or encouraged any violence, nor subscribed to any thoughts, that could instigate violence. Despite me representing a community which has been subjected to appalling conditions over 3 decades, I have been vocal towards the needs and aspirations of all Sri Lankans, whilst advocating peace, harmony, and inclusiveness.

I have been steadfast with my views in stating that the diversity of the Sri Lankans should be our strength in being together, rather than being divided.

In my recent speech in Parliament, with regards to the May 9th public rage, the inference I made was, that the people reacted in a violent manner, because they felt that their elected representatives failed to bring about their grievances, needs and aspirations in the law makers assembly. They perhaps felt, that their elected representatives failed in their mandatory obligation in securing the interest of the people who voted them in. This statement of mine has either been misunderstood or misconstrued, to appear as though I have been supportive of the arson and the related incidents.

The Hon. Prime Minister’s condolence speech on parliamentarian, late Hon. Amarakeerthi Athukorala, a mention was made that within the Parliament, one single member has condoned this incident whilst others have been deeply grieved. I am of the opinion, that this was suggestive of me and parallels were drawn on reactions subsequent to the assassination of Hon. Lakshman Kadirkamar and Hon. Amarakeerthi Athukorala.

Hence, I felt that it is my moral obligation to enlighten my stance, to the Hon. Prime Minister and all my parliamentary colleagues.

Further, I am flabbergasted and shocked by the statement the Hon. Prime Minister has made in Parliament, alleging me, having connivance with the present parliamentarian Hon. Sivanesathurai Chandrakandan (Pillayan), in the massacre of 600 policemen in 1990. I categorically deny any association with any militant organizations, since birth, to date. The irony of the matter is, when this incident took place, I was not even born. I am sure the Hon. Prime Minster has been grossly misinformed in this regard. As such, I earnestly request the Hon. Prime Minister to check the veracity of my statements and issue a clarification in this regard.

As you are aware, a very serious statement of this nature, and when it emanates from the Prime Minster of the country, and specially from a person of your stature, the general public could blindly accept that as undoubted truth. This would cause irreparable damage to my reputation, whilst posing a possible threat to my life as well. As such, all corrective measures taken in this regard is greatly appreciated.

At this juncture, I would like to state, that the priority and the need of the hour expected from the legislators, is granting relief to the people of this country, addressing their grievances, assuring all three meals and relieving them from this distress. I would be supporting any measure taken, which would render solace to the people of this country, whilst providing them immediate, as well as sustainable relief, towards meeting their present grievances and future wellbeing.

Hope this communication provides the required clarity and demonstrates my stance to the Hon Prime Minister. I am available to clarify any questions in this regard.

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