TNA making efforts to uplift SL from economic crisis, Govt. remains unresponsive: Shanakiyan in Switzerland

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is making numerous efforts to uplift Sri Lanka from its ongoing economic crisis, whereas the Government is refusing to take heed to the advise given by the TNA and also refuses to accept and acknowledge the efforts made by the party, says TNA MP Shanakiyan Rasamanickam.

He made this statement while speaking to The Morning today (20).

“I am currently in Switzerland to meet with the diaspora in Bern. There are over 60,000 members of the Tamil diaspora here. I had a discussion with the members and it was productive. Before this crisis arose, the diaspora has always been supportive of uplifting Sri Lanka, and for the last 70 years the diaspora has been eager to support. As a first step, I suggested for the members who support family in Sri Lanka to continue remitting money for their families in USD and Euros so that we bring in foreign exchange,” he said.

He further noted that people who remit funds from abroad should continue to remit the same amount as they used to in the foreign currency and not in the conversion sum in Sri Lankan rupees.

“The diaspora had one main concern and that was the political security and accountability. If they send the funds, is there accountability? Will these funds go to the betterment of the country? These were the main concerns that were brought up, but I took the initiative to encourage the members to continue sending the foreign remittances so that the country will benefit on the long run.” he concluded.

MP Rasamanickam reiterated that the TNA was making efforts to help in the upliftment of Sri Lanka, but very limited acknowledgement or notice has been taken by the Government of the efforts made by the TNA.

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