Higher price to be paid for July 13 Petrol ship – Minister

Power and Energy Minister Kanchana Wijesekera said in Parliament yesterday that a higher price will have to be paid for the fuel ship that will arrive in the country on July 13.

He said failing which, a petrol ship is scheduled to arrive only on July 22 or 23. “The IOC has given us dates as July 22 or 23 for the next petrol shipment to arrive in the country but, a shipment was due to be secured through Malaysia’s Petronas between July 10 and 15. However, they could not confirm the date and none of the other suppliers too were able to confirm dates prior to July 22.”

However, he said that another supplier had been contacted a shipment and a petrol shipment can be secured by the 13th, but the only concern is the cost, which is relatively higher than the other shipments.

He added that they were in a quandary on whether they should get this shipment at a higher price or wait until the secured shipment arrives on the 22nd. “I have spoken to the President and the Prime Minister too regarding this situation as the only supplier that can supply a shipment of petrol prior to the 22nd is asking for a higher rate. We had to decide whether we were willing to pay a higher rate for an early shipment or wait without petrol until the scheduled shipment on the 22nd. I was advised by the President to secure the earliest shipment of petrol.”

Therefore, following the approval by the Cabinet Sub Committee an advance payment will be made today for the shipment which will arrive in the country on July 15. “But, if anyone is opposed to paying a higher price to obtain this shipment of petrol prior to 22, either we must notify the public that there won’t be petrol until July 22 or 23 when an IOC petrol shipment is expected in the country. Meanwhile, if anyone has any other source that can supply us fuel at a lesser rate, then I urge them to come forward and give their proposal,” the Minister told parliament yesterday.

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