20A will be passed Despite any opposition from any segment; PM Mahinda Rajapakshe

Expressing confidence of pushing through the 20th Amendment to the Constitution in Parliament, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa said the government is determined to ensure its safe passage.

“Whatever opposition there may be from any quarter, we will duly present the constitutional amendment to Parliament and see to its adoption as a progressive piece of legislation”, the premier told The Sunday Island.

Asked about opposition to the 20A from some members within the government’s own ranks, Rajapaksa replied, “anybody has the complete freedom to express their views freely”.

“We will definitely see to the adoption of the 20A”, he underscored, while adding, “there is no doubt about that”.

On the fresh outbreak of Covid-19 in the country, the Prime Minister said the emergence of a new cluster is now being addressed with counter measures in place to contain the situation.

Under the prevailing circumstances, it is imperative that the public strictly adhere to health safety guidelines, he emphasized.

“I am happy the people are cooperating with the government’s efforts to neutralize the threat”, Rajapaksa added.

Responding to another question, the premier said the government has reduced prices of some essential food items to grant relief to the masses.

The authorities are purchasing big onions directly from the farmers and selling the stocks through Sathosa outlets at subsidized prices, he continued.

“Through this mechanism, we have ensured a fair price to farmers, while also granting relief to the people by offering the produce at an affordable price”, the premier added.

(Sunday Island)

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