Messages from President, PM and Opposition Leader over Meelad-Un-Nabi Celebration

The Muslimsall over the world Commemorate the Day of Birth of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on the 12th Day of Islamic Lunar Calender Month Rabi’Ul Awwal which is the 3rd Numerical Month of Islamic Calender Year. This is also the day the Death of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) occurred.

Special Messsages have been Issued by HE President Gothabaya Rajapakshe, PM Mahinda Rajapakshe and Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa in Commemoration of the Meelad-Un-Nabi Day which is Declared as a Public, Bank and Mercantile Holiday for Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile street light decorations were seen around Colombo Municipal Council Premises on the request of a Member of the Council.


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