Protest in Geneva against the Cremation of Covid19 and Covid19 Suspected Deaths in Sri Lanka

A protest is now (24/12/2020) being held in Geneva against Cremation by force and without the consent of relatives, of Persons died of Covid19 and Suspected death due to Covid19.

This protest is held at the ground in front of the Human Rights Commission at Geneva, organized by Sri Lankans living in Switzerland.

The deadbodies of Covid19 patients are being cremated forcefully in Sri Lanka by going against the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) and Senior Medical Experts. This is a violation of the fundamental rights of people following Islamic and Christianity faiths. Therefore, this protest is held opposite the Human Rights Commission in Geneva to condemn the above decision by Sri Lanka and to demand to allow burial according to the religious belief of Sri Lankans as set out in the Constitution and as per the guidelines issued by the WHO.

The Government of Switzerland has permitted for limited number of people to stage this protest despite strict regulations imposed in Switzerland to fight Covid19 Pandemic due to the prevailing situation and the way minorities are being treated in Sri Lanka. This displays that the Government of Switzerland is concerned about the violation of human rights in Sri Lanka.


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