Government Stubbon on Forced “Cremation Only” Policy: Health Minister Ridiculously Throws away the Recommendation of Expert Committee Appointed by Health Ministry

Health Minister Pavithra Vanniarachy in Parliament informed that the Government’s “Cremation Only” policy will continue for Covid19 and Suspected Covid19 deaths. However Opposition MP’s raised doubts why the recommendation of Expert Committee Appointed by the Government Health Ministry is not taken into consideration for which the health Minister had no proper response and read out names of another committee.


This announcement comes days after the Committee of Experts appointed by the Ministry of Health gave their recommenation that Both Cremation and Burial can be allowed for Covid19 Related Deaths. The World Health Organization together with more than 190 countries in the world are allowing Burial as an Option for Covid19 Deaths. Although the Government of Sri Lanka keeps on saying that they follow WHO Guidelines with regard to Fighting Coronavirus, the GOSL seems adament on Cremation Only Policy for which there is no Scientific Base provided thus far.

Recently in an Online webinar Discussion, world renowned Virologist Professor. Malik Peiris also stated that Burial too is an Option for Covid19 Deaths with some guidelines that needs to be followed during the Burial of a Covid19 deadbody.



It is also to be noted that few days ago Government MP and State Minister Dilum.Amunugama at a oress conference made it clear that the Government doesn’t take into consideration the recommendation of expert committees and all decisions regarding Cremation are Political since the committees are not elected by the people but the Government with a Mandate. The Health Minister’s statement today proves that the decision to enforce Cremation Only Policy is nothing but pure political decision as the Government has still not.made any Scientific report that suggests “Cremation Only” as the sole method for disposal of Covid deaths.

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