LTTE Organization to be continued under Terror List in EU

The European Council today renewed the so-called EU terrorist list, which sets out persons, groups and entities subject to restrictive measures with a view to combating terrorism for a further six months.

The Council has continued to list Sri Lanka’s defunct Tamil separatist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) as a terrorist organization among 21 terrorist groups and 14 individuals.

The Council is empowered to establish an EU list and impose related restrictive measures and the 14 persons and 21 groups and entities on the list are subject to the freezing of their funds and other financial assets in the EU. It is also prohibited for EU operators to make funds and economic resources available to them.

The Council first set up the list as implementation of UNSC Resolution 1373/2001 that followed the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. It reviews the list at regular intervals, and at least every six months, on the basis of a regular exchange of information between member states on any new facts and developments relating to the listings.

The Council decided to include the LTTE on the EU list on 29 May 2006 for the application of specific measures to combat terrorism.

Although, LTTE was eliminated in Sri Lanka in May 2009 following a three-decade long armed conflict, the terrorist organization is active in European countries as well as in Malaysia and India. Efforts to revive the organization had been reported in some of these countries and in Sri Lanka.

The persons, groups and entities in the EU Terrorist List are subject to both the freezing of funds and other financial assets, as well as enhanced measures related to police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

Council regulation 2580/2001 provides for the freezing of all funds and other financial assets belonging to these persons, groups and entities. In addition, no funds, financial assets and economic resources can be made available to them, directly or indirectly.



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