Sri Lanka speaks up at UNHRC session – There was NEVER a mandatory cremation policy

Today’s discussion at the 46th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council covered the topics of Human Rights Defenders, Torture and Violence against children.

Addressing the session, Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN C. A Chandraprema said, ”an incorrect reference to a mandatory cremation policy for those deceased due to COVID-19 in Sri Lanka” was made by the delegation and he went on to clarify that ”Sri Lanka does not have a mandatory cremation policy”

”Sri Lanka’s protocol for the disposal of human remains of victims of COVID-19 has always been based exclusively of scientific and public health ground and not on the religious or ethnic basis with sole objective eliminating all possibilities of transmission of the virus.” he further said, adding that Sri Lanka already has commenced the burial of Covid 19 victims following a comprehensive study.

Chandraprema further said, ”It is particularly unfortunate that such elaborate that such inaccurate clai
ms are continued to be made even after Sri Lanka had already shared with the delegations concerned the factual situation in this regard.”

Meanwhile, an informal consultative discussion between the UN Core Group on Sri Lanka’s resolution was also held today.


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