Maddumabandara queries: Why Namal Kumara not investigated?

Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Ranjith Maddumabandara, yesterday (10), questioned as to why an investigation has not commenced into the conduct of Namal Kumara, who exposed an alleged plan to assassinate former President Maithripala Sirisena and current President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, yet. 

Participating in a Parliamentary debate on the report of the Presidential Commission of Inquiry (PCoI) into the 21 April 2019 Easter Sunday Attacks, Maddumabandara said Namal Kumara’s allegation led to the arrest of then Terrorist Investigation Division (TID) Director, Nalaka de Silva. 

“At that time, the TID had obtained a warrant to arrest Zaharan Hashim. Nalaka de Silva’s arrest disrupted the investigation against Zaharan. That was merely a drama. Now where is Namal Kumara? Why hasn’t an investigation commenced on his conduct? Most importantly, what happened to his allegations?” he queried. 

Maddumabandara queried, “A Cabinet Minister in this Government recently said Zaharan Hashim had provided information to intelligence forces before 2015. At that time, Major Suresh Salley was the Military Intelligence Chief. Now, the same persons are conducting investigations against Zaharan. I would like to ask, how did they conduct investigations on Zaharan?”

He requested to bring an independent international investigation body to investigate the 21 April 2019, Easter Sunday Attacks.

Maddumabandara said that the AG had stated that 22 volumes of the final report compiled by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry which probed the 21 April 2019, Easter Sunday Attacks, had not been submitted for his perusal. He therefore urged the Government to order an independent international inquiry into the terror attacks which occurred on 21 April two years ago.

The SJB General Secretary stated that the final report released by the Commission had failed to identify the masterminds behind the carnage and those who had funded the violent crimes that had been committed. He mentioned that the Commission report had only identified those who had failed to prevent the carnage after being forewarned of it, but insisted that if a similar attack in the future is to be averted, then it is imperative that the brains behind the blasts are revealed to the Nation.(CT)

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