Travel restrictions may be imposed if required during the festive season- Head of NOCPCO

Head of the National Operations Center for Prevention of Covid-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO), Army Commander General Shavendra Silva states that travel restrictions will be imposed if necessary during the upcoming festive season.

The Army Commander pointed out that the increase in the spread of Covid-19 virus in the country after the last Christmas season has confirmed that people do not follow health instructions properly during such periods.

“After the long Christmas holidays in December, the highest number of Covid infections was found in January and February,” the Army Commander noted.

“People getting ready for the New Year celebration should be more careful to avoid group contacts and should strictly adhere to health guidelines,” he said.

Responding to questions posed by journalists, the Army Commander stated that the guidelines issued for quarantine will be changed in the next few days.

Talking about the quarantining of Sri Lankan expatriates, he added that approval has been granted to review the current strategy in regard to the quarantining of those arrivals. “There will be a change in this quarantine strategy in coming days and it will be intimated soon,” he added.

“The timing of the quarantine is likely to change. The period of quarantine, especially for Sri Lankans visiting Sri Lanka, has to change. Those who return to Sri Lanka 14 days after receiving both vaccines will be instructed on a procedure without quarantine following a PCR test,” the Army Commander added.

The Director General Health Services meanwhile said those who received both vaccines and spent two weeks in their places of origin are free to directly arrive in Sri Lanka and go home after PCR tests.

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