IS supporter arrested in Australia justifies killing children in Sri Lanka

An Islamic State (IS) supporter arrested in Australia has justified killing children in Sri Lanka during the Easter Sunday attacks.

The Australian newspaper reported that Radwan Dakkak, who supports views held by Islamic State, has this week been hit with six new anti-terror charges as part of an ongoing investigation into his activities by the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

Dakkak became the first Australian to be prosecuted for associating with a terrorist when he was sentenced in the New South Wales (NSW) Supreme Court last year.

He had pleaded guilty to associating with known Islamic State member Isaac El Matari over six months in 2019.

Dakkak encouraged El Matari in his desire to go back to the Middle East, and provided advice about the best routes into where IS was operating in Syria and Iraq.

Investigators have found that in one of his conversations Dakkak and El Matari had discussed a terrorist attack in Sri Lanka in which children were killed.

During the conversation the offender has expressed the view that the killing of children was justified in the circumstances based on what were obviously extreme political and religious beliefs.

Dakkak had pleaded guilty in court to helping translate IS propaganda for Ahlut-Tawhid Publications, an organisation publishing extremist magazines and newspapers.(colombogazette)

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