STF deployed to protect sensitive environmental zones


A special team of the Police Special Task Force (STF) has been deployed to investigate whether deforestation is taking place across the country, DIG Waruna Jayasundara, Commanding Officer of the Police Special Task Force (STF) told Dinamina.

The Officer said that he had instructed to deploy teams of officers from the camps set up in each district for this purpose.

He said that he had instructed the STF to be deployed to protect the forest resources and that raids would be carried out 24 hours a day.

DIG Jayasundara said that this will protect conserved lands as well as sensitive ecological zones and will be effective in putting an end to racketeering, including illegal logging and sand mining.

Mr. Jayasundera said that the STF considers the protection of forest resources as a top priority in addition to other raids including illegal liquor, drugs and unlicensed firearms

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