‘Port City Commission will impact sovereignty’

Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP Kabir Hashim says the draft bill issued by the government on the 24th of March regarding the appointment of a Colombo Port City Commission will have a serious impact on the sovereignty of the country.

Speaking at a media briefing, the Parliamentarian said the Commission has the power to create a competitive institution with Parliament through this Act.

MP Hashim accused the government of harming Sri Lanka’s economic future through the clauses in the draft bill.

The MP said the country’s independence will be compromised as Article 76 of the Constitution does not allow another entity to be appointed, with the same powers as Parliament that will allow competition or conflict to be created among the two bodies.

MP Kabir Hashim noted it will be more suited to portray the economic and political stability of the country to the international community without selling local assets to foreign countries.

Parliamentarian Hashim stressed tax concessions alone will not strengthen an economy adding that ensuring economic and political stability, establishing an independent judiciary, developing a skilled labour force, developing methods to harness local raw materials and developing strong international relations were key areas to improve, in order to reach development.

Through such policies, MP Hashim stressed Sri Lanka need not be a country identified as a hub for money laundering.

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