Jaffna Mayor arrested by Terrorism Investigation Division

Mayor of Jaffna, V. Manivannan has been arrested by Terrorism Investigation Division (TID).

The arrest follows an investigation into the uniforms of a Jaffna Municipal Council new unit.

Yesterday, Jaffna Police had taken into custody uniforms of the newly- established unit due to its similarity to the uniform of the banned terrorist outfit LTTE.

Jaffna Mayor Visvalingam Manivannan said officials from the unit had been vested with powers to take action against those who pollute the main streets of Jaffna, spit betel saliva on the road, littering.

The officials were also instructed to take action against those who fail to follow health precautions.

Accroding to Tamil Guardian, Jaffna Mayor Manivannan had explained that the uniforms were in fact the same as those worn by a similar task force ran by the Colombo Municipal Council. The Mayor has said that the uniforms held no further connotations and that the police were making allegations based on social media conspiracy theories.(NW)

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