Chief of Defense Staff comments on the recruitment of Jaffna youth into the Army

“The recruitment of more than 1600 Jaffna Tamil youth into the Sri Lankan Army during the last three months of recruitment is a testament to the confidence and high respect that those youth have for our organization.

Despite the obstacles and threats, various elements of discontent and divisiveness are presented by those who want to provoke them to symbolize their real need and harmony for real coexistence, in fact it is a positive turning point for the image of our organization. Something that will add pride to all of you. Similarly, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the more than 7000 people, including the Air Force, who have been engaged day and night in Kovit-19 control operations on the peninsula and who have taken care of the victims at the same time regardless of the danger to your life and its spread. “

In line with the strict health practices related to the spread of Kovit-19, the Chief of Defense Staff, who visited Jaffna at the arrangement of the Security Forces Headquarters, appreciated the security improvements and the Kovit-19 prevention missions and wished the troopers a happy New Year, especially during the festive season.

It is worth mentioning here that President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Hon’ble Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and Defense Secretary General Kamal Gunaratne (retd) have always given their utmost support to address your concerns.

Although the government is facing both health and financial constraints, mostly due to the impact of the Covid-19, various welfare schemes have been launched for your greater benefit in the future.

All welfare and other matters are currently being taken up at the ministry level and solutions have been reached without delay. Similarly, the construction of the Security Forces Headquarters in Sri Jayawardenepura has now been expedited and our fraternal services may be re-established as soon as possible, ”said General Shavendra Silva.

“In addition, you are all providing a very commendable service here in Jaffna, which has received great international acclaim due to the concentration of the majority of the Tamil public living here.

Lieutenant Vaas Gunawardena of the First Battalion of the Army Survivors Fighting LTTE Terrorism in Jaffna and all the other Troops who lost their lives in restoring peace are the first of the 13 war veterans who died in Tirunelveli a few years ago fighting against separatist movements. I pay deep tribute.

I wish all the war veterans who laid down their lives for Nibbana to reach Nibbana. I wish all the wounded warriors a speedy recovery. I wish all the soldiers a happy and peaceful New Year, “he said.

Since the end of the war for peace, you have all been involved in improving the livelihood sources of Jaffna citizens, improving infrastructure, building houses for those in need, setting up schools, community halls, large-scale civil-military cooperation projects, and distributing books and learning equipment.

I am aware that you are operating with a strong focus on maritime routes and other densities behind the control of all kinds of anti-social, illegal and smuggling efforts on the peninsula, giving priority to national security conditions. All the work of our Tripartite Services is done for the betterment of the people of Jaffna, who sometimes serve without even taking their regular leave for which we should all be proud of you, ”the visiting Army Commander said in his speech.

“It is also important to remember that your border duty is a question of national security. You have all worked tirelessly with the police to curb anti-social movements, the resurgence of terrorist tendencies, the role of crime, and the threat of drugs. And be inspired.You should always be aware of the developments around you in the future as well.

It justifies the fact that you have earned a reputation in civil society for your invaluable services of reconciliation and that you have done your sacred duty in a noble manner. Around the country ‘and’ Defender of the Skies’ will continue to play their national roles to the best of their ability in the future, “he said.

And congratulations on the speedy recovery of all wounded soldiers! “

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