Under the present government, there is no room for any damage to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

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    Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga has said that there will be no room for any decision to betray the country when the leaders who defeated separatism after 30 years of war are in power.

He emphasized that the present government would not allow the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country to be harmed in the slightest.

He was speaking to the media after a meeting with the Chief Incumbent of the Ramanna Maha Nikaya, Ven. Makulewe Wimala Thero yesterday (18). Speaking further the Minister said,

“Powerful countries do not want countries like ours to become developed. When a government comes to power and takes decisions that strengthen the country economically, powerful countries take steps to change the heads of state and change the regime. It was done in 2015 as well. They appointed a group of rulers as they wished and ruled the country as they wished. Now, when a program is being made to strengthen the country’s economy again, their puppets come out and shout. In 2015, a presidential candidate said, “They are going to kill him and send him to a six-foot hole.” Did such things happen after the election of our government? They carried out political revenge. When we were in the opposition we opposed the resolutions brought by the good governance government against the country.

There is no government in history that has betrayed the country as much as the government of good governance. Some agreements were not even disclosed to Parliament. We do not. A transparent bill has been submitted to the Cabinet. At present the bill has been challenged in the Supreme Court. A government that, after receiving the decision of the Supreme Court, is directed to the places where laws and regulations are made, brought back to the Cabinet, discussed in Parliament, collects new ideas and proposals and acts in a transparent manner.

I told them not to take those who had run away during the election. They are trying to jump again. The other is Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa. No noise was made at the Hambantota port incident. But now they are selling the resources of the country. Those who betray the country. When all these people betrayed the country, we were the ones who went to jail to prevent them. All these people are looking at is whether they can seize the opportunity and seize power.

Commenting on various allegations leveled by opposition members, the Minister said, “It was the then Premadasa government that gave money and weapons to the LTTE to create a separate province. It is useless for Sajith and Champika to try to take advantage of the opportunity. The port city is governed by the rules and regulations of the Government of Sri Lanka. Patalila is trying to deceive the people by lying, ”he said.(Government official news)


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