Over 15% of social media profiles in SL are fake- Justice Minister

The Government has revealed that more than 15% social media profiles in Sri Lanka are fake.

Addressing an online media briefing, Justice Minister Ali Sabry said it has been noted that a number of people are getting away by spreading fake news at present.

Pointing out that freedom of expression cannot be abused, he said as a result, the Government is in the process of discussing the proposed law on fake news.

The Justice Minister explained that various countries have imposed laws to control fake news, such as the Prevention of Online Falsehood and Manipulation Act in Singapore, and other related laws in Malaysia and India as well.

Minister Ali Sabry said the proposed online laws in Sri Lanka will discourage disinformation on development programs.

He further said it will also ensure National security, unity among communities, and protect public privacy.

Stating that already a disinformation campaign is being carried out on the Port City Economic Commission Bill on social media, the Minister pointed out that it was essential to introduce the law.

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