Muslim Council of Sri Lanka joins Cardinal Ranjith’s call

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka (MCSL), an umbrella organization of several Islamic bodies, has called upon all Sri Lankans to support and join the call of the Archbishop of Colombo Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith in observing a two minute silence on 21 April at 8.45 a.m. in remembrance of  those who lost their lives in the 2019 Easter Sunday attacks. 

“We also call upon Muslims to make supplications for these victims in this holy month of Ramadan,” the MCSL statement issued by Vice President Hilmy Ahamed said.

MCSL also urged the Government to hasten a thorough investigation on the Easter Sunday tragedy and bring the real perpetrators to justice without relying on anecdotal evidences. “The Muslim community condemns the suicide bombers as Islam totally forbids killing of innocents even during a war; hence the Muslim community denied an Islamic funeral for the suicide bombers,” the statement added.

MCSL said the Muslim community has been targeted by some in a hate campaign for the carnage of a few who called themselves Muslims. The trauma and fear the Muslims have undergone during these two years in inexplicable.

“Let’s strengthen our resolve to denounce and resist all forms of terror and violence and help promote peaceful coexistence, understanding and harmony among all citizens in Sri Lanka,” MCSL statement added.

Colombo Times

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