Health Ministry issues warning for Private PCR testing centers : Issues 4 new guidelines

The Ministry of Health has laid down specific guidelines for private hospitals that
conduct COVID – 19 RT PCR and Rapid Antigen testing.

Dr. Asela Gunawardene, Director General of Health Services, today issued written instructions to  LaboratoryHeads of the relevant private hospitals to adhere to following

1. The tests should be carried out only when it is indicated as per the recommendations of the Consultant or the Medical Officer in charge
of the triage counter.

2. After taking the samples, the patients should be advised to isolate inside the institution/home until the report is issued.

3. If a patient is found to be a COVID-19 positive it is your responsibility to inform the Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health, the Medical Officer of Health in the respective areas and the patients.

4. You have to arrange the positive patients to be accommodated in an Authorized COVID-19 Treatment Centres as per the recommendation of the responsible physician.

The Director General of Health Services further stated that, if any hospital does not abide by the guidelines, the authorization of the laboratory to perform COVID-19 PCR testing and Rapid Antigen Testing will be cancelled.

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