Online Education: The risky decision a father makes for his daughter’s education

In the village of Passara Varadola, Badulla, we heard about a father who installed a ‘router’ on a tree about 150 feet high despite risking his life to get ‘internet signals’ for his daughter’s online education.

”The biggest question for me was how to teach my daughter. Since there was no signal anywhere, I finally decided to climb to the top of the tallest tree in the garden to see if there was a signal. People on the streets shouted at me not to do this work, ”Chandika Sampath told the BBC Sinhala Service.

Due to the lack of adequate internet facilities in the village of Varadola, where about 200 families make a living from agriculture, their children’s education has been disrupted.

Currently, university educated children also live in this difficult village. They are asking the authorities to provide internet access to the village so that they too can get an education like the children of the city.

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