Are we in situation like how the blind saw the elephant?

Muheed Jeeran
International Human Rights Activist

Sri Lanka is currently reflecting as a nation of instability. It is a testing time for the nation as this reflection is appearing at a time that our country is in a tightrope wallk on facing Pandemic and economic vulnerability.

The government is adamant on not to impose lockdown and on the other hand alliance parties of the government are requesting for a lockdown. Local councils and trade unions are requesting the people to follow a self Lockdown and also threatening to suspend it’s work. Some health officials are behaving like jokers by listening to the military leadership on adhering to health guidelines.. Some opposition political groups are seeking the public to lockdown themselves and some other opposition groups are stating public lockdown is dangerous to the nation’s stability and requesting the government to impose a lockdown. Some health experts have already written to the government to impose a lockdown but government is stating if health experts are requesting for a lockdown we are ready to do it. It seems like their letter could have been delivered to a no man’s land. It’s looks like a boat full of people are rowing in different directions.

All the above are reflecting that the country is heading for calamitous instability. The severity of the pandemic become a football to kick about recklessly all over with no collective approach to the problem. It is like the blind-men describing the elephant. If we fall It will take years to recover.

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