Vehicles with only minimum of 3-4 passengers must be allowed to travel – Minister

State Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara says that people have to be considerate when utilizing their private vehicles with the current fuel crisis the country is going through.

Jayasekara made the comment when responding to journalists’ questions on when the vehicle import restrictions will be lifted.

“Why would you import vehicles ? To be honest, I think in Sri Lanka we should impose a law to make sure at least 3-4 people are traveling in a private vehicle,” he said

“So many vehicles are being utilized by a single person. This is wasting a lot of fuel. At this moment we should not be thinking about importing new vehicles but think how we can utilize the available vehicles responsibly,” he went on to say.

He also touched on the forex crisis the country is facing at the moment.

“At present, as a country we are becoming debtors to the entire world unable to find the $500 million monthly required to import fuel. In the future the crisis will worsen. I think we might face a situation where we may not even be able to import the required milk powder in the future,” he concluded. 

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