Premajayantha was sacked, but what about Lanza – Maithri questions

In response to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s decision to strip Former State Minister Susil Premajayantha of his State Ministerial Portfolio, Former President and Leader of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Maithripala Sirisena said that Jayantha was sacked within 24 hours of being critical towards the Government, whereas Minister Nimal Lanza has been critical of the state few days ago yet no one lays hands on him as he knows “everything”.

He made this statement during a party media brief held today (04).

“Susil was sacked for being critical at the market. But, Nimal Lanza was even more critical of the state several days ago, yet no charge sheet was presented against Lanza. I am aware of the reason why they won’t lay a hand on Lanza, this is because he knows everything,” said Sirisena.

Sirisena further went on to say that by dismissing Premajayantha, the issues currently being faced by the Government will not be solved.

Additionally, the former President added that by making such decisions and sacking one Minister, the Government will be unable to prevent the forthcoming events.

“If the Government corrects itself and starts doing the right thing and solves the people’s issues, it can prevent further damage. Not even during the time of the colonials did the farmers of Sri Lanka face such pain. The Government has failed to even effectively handle the gas explosions that have been reported in homes across the country,” Sirisena stated.

In his speech, Sirisena further accused the Government for not even demanding for the resignation of the Chairman of the Litro Gas Company, despite the repetitive gas cylinder explosions.

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